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How does the speedtest work?

Vrijdag 5 Oktober 2018 1 minuut en 30 seconden leestijd

How does the speedtest work?

Before I tell you how the ProviderCheck.nl speedtest works I first want to tell you more about the reason to do a speedtest.

Your internet provider promises you a certain internet speed, this is the maximum speed that you can receive. But in a lot of cases this is not the real speed you’ll get. The actual internet speed you’ll receive depends on a few things. What kind of internet do you receive? Is this kabel internet, VDSL internet or maybe glasvezel internet? What is the distance from your home to the neighborhood station? And at which time to you use the internet?  

Thanks to the ProviderCheck.nl speedtest you can check at an easy and fast way the internet speed you really receive from your internet provider.

How to start the ProviderCheck.nl speedtest?

First go to our speedtest page and click at ‘Start de speedtest’. At this page you enter your postal code and house number. You can also enter your current internet provider and rate their service. If you want to change from internet provider right away, just click at ‘Overstappen’ and see all the packages this internet provider has to offer.

To start the speedtest, click again at ‘Start de speedtest’. Now you see the download and upload speed you currently receive. You can also see what the internet speed of the other internet providers is at your address.

When you scroll down the page you can see the average internet speed in your neighborhood. Also, you can see all the packages available at your address and it’s possible to make selections so it’s easier to compare the different packages. Curious how this works? Check our post How does the postcodecheck work?

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