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How does the postcodecheck work?

Donderdag 4 Oktober 2018
Laatste update: Zaterdag 12 December 2020 4 minuten en 5 seconden leestijd

How does the postcodecheck work?

In 2008 two friends started the website ProviderCheck.nl because they got of questions about internet providers and how to compare different internet packages in the Netherlands that are available at your home address, something that was pretty hard to do back then. They thought about how to make this a lot easier and developed the ProviderCheck internet post code check. With this post code checker it is possible to discover which internet service providers (ISP) are available at your zip code and also directly compare them based on for example pricing, download speed and other extra’s.

We’ve discovered that a lot of expats in the Netherlands are trying to find the best internet package for them on our website. Please use the instructions on this page in English if you don’t speak Dutch, so we can help you find the best internet deal available at your address.

How to start the post code check?

  1. To start, browse to the post code check page and enter your postal code and house number. We advise you to keep this page opened during the process, to guide you through the post code check in English.

  2. Now you select what kind of package you are looking for, since there are multiple options in the Netherlands. Would you like to have internet, tv and a telephone signal (All-in-one / Alles-in-1), just an internet connection (only internet / alleen internet), internet and television (internet & tv) or internet and landline telephone (internet and telephone / internet en telefoon.

  3. Click on the ‘nu vergelijken’ button (compare now) and our system will start comparing internet package available at your address.

How to make the best internet choice with the post code check?

When arriving on the next page you will see the average internet speed in your neighbourhood and the three packages that are the most popular in your hometown.

Scrolling down you will find all telephone, tv & internet providers available at your zip code. To find the right provider for you there are some extra options to narrow down your search:

  • Providers -> Do you prefer a certain provider, for instance KPN or Ziggo?
  • Type of package (soort abonnement) -> Are you looking for only internet, internet and tv, internet and landline telephone or an internet, tv and telephone package? You can select the package of your choice here.  
  • Cost per month (kosten per maand) -> What’s the maximum amount you would like to pay for your internet connection?
  • Contract duration (contractduur) -> Do you prefer a long-term or short-term internet contact? Most commonly used is a one-year or two-year deal.
  • Delivery time (levertijd) -> Are you in a hurry? Select the maximum amount of time you can wait before your internet package is being delivered.
  • Download speed and upload speed -> How fast do you need your internet connection to be? Select the minimum desired amount of mbit/s for both download and upload speed.
  • Sort of internet connection (verbindingstype) -> There are multiple ways of being connected to your provider, with fiberglass (glasvezel internet) being by far the fastest, but also the most expensive. Is your internet speed not that important for you? Then ADSL or Cable (kabel internet) might be a better and cheaper option for you.
  • Extra options -> Besides the specifics for your internet connection, you can also select which other options you would like to have included in your package, for instance live program pausing or an extended channel package like ESPN or HBO for your tv. Besides it sometimes is possible to get an extra discount or some other extra’s if you use the same provider for your mobile phone. Example providers are Odido, KPN and Ziggo (when you have a Vodafone subscription for your mobile phone). Select the provider you’re using to find out if extra benefits are available when you subscribe to the same provider for your internet connection at home.

After selecting which options you’d like, you will see all internet packages in the Netherlands that match your preferences. Found the package you want? Just click the “Bestellen” button (order). You will then be redirected to the website of the provider to order the internet package of your choice.

Why order your internet package at ProviderCheck.nl?

ProviderCheck.nl is an internet package comparison website operating 100% independently, meaning we are not biased towards a certain provider. Because of this and as an extra incentive we are able to guarantee the lowest price for your internet package by providing a minimum discount of €10 off all packages. Regardless of the provider you chose.

If you have any questions about our post code check, just contact our helpdesk or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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